I'm just getting started on a complete re-write of everything here and hope to include some more interesting information.
Once complete, you'll find lots of programming stuff for Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, JavaScript, and more.
I'm planning on adding plenty of useful links for programming, graphics, and miscellaneous info too.
And, of course, I'll also include my personal web stuff.

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Here is the Interactive US Map Project I've been working on. It doesn't do much yet, but I thought it would be worthwhile to add to the web site.

I still need to add Alaska and Hawaii, but then I also need to add all the information to each state's pages too. You get the idea...

I actually started this project to test my image mapper software and it was kind of fun. Given enough time and effort, the map project could become quite useful.

If the US Map project goes well, maybe a World Map project would be even more interesting.